Aflac believes that a diverse workplace makes for a stronger company, and its commitment to including more women and minorities in its own employee ranks extends to the suppliers it works with. Aflac's supplier diversity program opens doors to diverse businesses like Edge Solutions, a majority women-owned business that's unique in the male-dominated IT industry.

In this video, Aflac's Senior Manager of Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Wassel Lewis and Edge Solutions CEO Julie Haley explain how diversity programs benefit both Aflac and its vendors. The program has been in place for more than eight years, and it honors Aflac's commitment to the diverse community that it serves.

"Once we got to know the diversity manager at Aflac, it was really easy to get involved and become a diverse vendor," says Haley. "But without that diversity program and giving us that chance, we wouldn't have been able to show them that we can do everything a larger or non-diverse company can do. The thing I'm most proud of is that we're doing business with this great company that has great values."

Aflac's supplier diversity program is open to qualified vendors certified as minority, woman-owned, or veteran-owned businesses to help their companies grow. The company was named among the best 50 companies for supplier diversity by Hispanic Enterprise in 2008, and has been listed as one of Black Enterprise magazine's 40 Best Companies for Diversity for eight consecutive years. Nearly 70 percent of Aflac's employees are women, and minorities make up more than 40 percent of the insurer's workforce.

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