Each year, on the third Friday of May, thousands of people across the country leave their vehicles at home and instead hit the road on a bicycle. Bike-to-Work Day promotes the use of bicycles as a healthy, environmentally friendly option for commuting, providing bike route information and tips as well as pit stops with drinks and snacks. This year, insurance company Aflac joined the fun for the fourth year, along with hundreds of local commuters choosing to bike to work.

Bike-to-Work Day was created by the League of American Bicyclists, and incorporates "energizing stations" into an all-day event. In Columbus, Ga., this includes an official Bike from Work to Uptown when the work day is over, leading up to an Annual Bike to Work Block party.

On May 25, Aflac joined the River Valley Regional Commission of Georgia to celebrate the event, motivating its employees to give bike commuting a try. In this video, River Valley Regional Commission Event Coordinator Julio Portillo and Aflac Bike to Work Participant Kyle Fritz discuss how Bike-to-Work Day can make cycling to work fun and also encourage employees to be more active and engaged in helping the environment.

"Aflac has been very good from day one in partnering with us, and encouraging their employees to bike to work," says Portillo.

To learn more about alternative transportation programs, visit ActiveValley.org.


S1: Bike to Work Day is a national event that was created by the League of American Cyclists, at Washington, D.C. Colombus, Georgia has been participating now for the fourth year in a row, this year. We started with about 60 people riding their bikes to work. Last year, we hit over 350. The whole idea behind the event was how do we make it fun for people who want to cycle to work? Where they can feel that they're doing something good for themselves and something good for the environment.

S1: So what we did is we designated some routes where people could safely transport themselves to work. Along those routes, we set up some stations, where on their way to work, people could get bananas, water, granola bars, get a chance to talk with us. We've also partnered up with businesses. Without the encouragement from the employers, we couldn't have Bike to Work Day. Aflac has been very good from day one in partnering with us and encouraging their employees to ride to work.

S2: Aflac has participated in the Bike to Work event for about four years now. I think employees should participate in this activity, because it helps them get their exercise, and also, it shows an alternative way of getting to work.

S3: I've biked to work the last three or four years, so it's become kind of a tradition. It's a change in the routine of everyday life, get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

S1: One of the great things about Bike to Work Day is we're getting people active. We're getting people healthy. We're showing people how fun it is to ride a bike. Furthermore, they're also engaging in helping the environment. We're getting people off their vehicles, even if it's once a week and into their bicycles and engaging in a clean commute. Whether you're a recreational cyclist, whether you're a competitive cyclist, whether you're just a commuter we tell people to visit activevalley.org, and there they will find all the resources, whether they live in Columbus, Georgia or the surrounding counties on how they can get involved in bicycle advocacy.

Bike-to-Work Day promotes healthy, green commuting
Aflac participates in Bike-to-Work Day in Georgia to promote cycling as a fun, healthy and environmentally friendly way to commute to work.