Aflac is leading the way in eco-friendly business initiatives. Just as the company strives to be good stewards of its business, it strives to be good stewards of the planet. From the materials used in daily operations to the construction and renovation of facilities, Aflac considers the environmental impact its actions will have – not only today, but in the years to come.

The insurance company’s environmental activism and outreach starts at its worldwide headquarters in Columbus, Georgia, but its philosophy extends far beyond the confines of the company’s physical and organizational boundaries.

Aflac encourages its employees to become more environmentally-conscious in their own actions. As a part of this effort, Aflac created a Green Subcommittee within its board of directors as well as a Green Committee for employees and officers.

“When I first heard about Aflac starting a Green Committee I was passionate about it because of recycling as a kid,” says Aflac Sr. SAP Analyst Kurt Dukes, who serves on the executive board of the committee and is a part of the events subcommittee.

Aflac’s Green Committee hosts activities for employees throughout the year, including an annual Earth Day event, recycling information booths and material collection drives. In addition, the committee has distributed home recycling bins and reusable shopping bags to employees.

“I feel like this program is very important to the company because it is an extension of what we do here at Aflac,” Kurt explains. “If people are passionate about recycling at work, they’ll be just as passionate about recycling at their own home.”

Download Aflac’s 2011 Corporate Citizenship Report to read more about its green initiatives and successes.


Green Committee sustainability efforts in action
Aflac initiatives encourage its employees to be more environmentally-conscious on the job and at home.