"Aflac is a very green company," states Aflac Account Relations Executive Randy Pope during one of the company's recent "Lunch and Learn" presentations for company employees. Randy was there to demonstrate how to build a square foot garden.

Square foot gardening is a method of growing fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in a raised garden bed. Arranged in squares, instead of traditional rows, 8, 12 or even 16 "crops" can be planted in each garden.

Not only is square foot gardening fun for all ages and abilities, it comes with an array of benefits to the environment. Square foot gardens use an organic mix of vermiculite, peat moss and blended compost – and save space and water by design.

Randy, who has been an advocate of square foot gardening since he discovered the method a year ago, proclaims, "The best part about it is that there's no digging and there's no weeding!"

Watch as Randy shows you how to start your own square foot garden. And for more information on square foot gardening, visit squarefootgardening.org.


Aflac is a very green company and we have got a great green movement. The Lunch and Learn Series is a series sponsored by Aflac, where employees can sign up to attend a class during their lunch hour. The purpose will be for me to present the square foot gardening method. I've been square foot gardening for almost a year now. It's something that's really easy to do. When you're using a square foot garden, you're not watering areas that don't need to be watered. You're watering only the specific part of the garden where your plants are. The best part about it there's no digging and there's no weeding.

First, you'll need to gather your materials, you'll need four 4-foot long sections of 2 x 8 inch lumber, 12 screws. You'll also need some type of weed block to go on the bottom of the square foot garden itself. You'll need to have nails and twine, to be able to create your grid. Finally, you'll need to have your mix, one-third of vermiculite, one-third peat moss and one-third of blended compost. The first step is in creating your frame.

You'll need to take all four pieces of your lumber and pre-drill three holes in the end of each lumber. Take two pieces, and align them up to where one end, joins with the other. Screw them in and then continue this process, making sure to rotate the ends of each piece of lumber, as you go around. The second step is to put a weed block barrier on the bottom of your square foot garden. This can be done by using a weed block fabric, cardboard or even plywood.

The third step in this process is the mixing of the soil. You'll need to mix one-third of blended compost, one-third of vermiculite, and one-third of peat moss. Make sure that the amounts that you're blending together are by volume and are not by weight. For demonstration purposes, we've only covered the bottom of our square foot garden. But make sure that when you put your soil mix in, you come at least, around the six inch mark, if not all the way up to eight inches.

It's time to mark off your grid. This is easily done by taking a tape measure and marking off at one-foot intervals on each side of your square foot garden frame. Once you've done so, you can insert screws or nails, at each one of these points and then use the string to create your grid. The final step is the planning process. For more information on the square foot garden method, you can go to squarefootgardening.org.

How to build a square foot garden
Part of the Aflac Lunch and Learn series, watch as employee Randy Pope demonstrates how to build a square foot garden.