Celebrate America’s independence with a few 4th of July recipes. These aren’t your typical hot dog and hamburger ideas. We here at the Mother Nature Network have put together everything you need for a wonderful outdoor celebration featuring vegetables picked from your organic garden. (You do have an organic garden, right?)

In any event, check out these 4th of July recipes for a festive meal:

Fried green tomatoes

Get the meal started with these delicious delicacies picked from your garden. You can whip up a dipping sauce in advance or just dip the tomatoes in egg and flour and then fry. There are hundreds of variations on the basic recipe, so if you’ve never made fried green tomatoes before try it and see where it takes you. Read more: Fried green tomatoes recipe.

Spicy chicken wings

This recipe will give you lots of ideas for several other flavor combinations. Start off with the marinade mix featuring kosher salt, dried thyme, dry mustard, sweet paprika and cayenne pepper and see where it takes you. And remember, you don’t need to fry these wings. Go easy on your circulatory system by baking instead. Read more: Spicy chicken wings recipe.

Pepper slaw

Here’s the perfect side dish for the cookout. This variation on traditional coleslaw features red bell peppers for a contrasting color and a slight hint of sweet flavor. Read more: Pepper slaw recipes.

Summer corn recipes

Corn is another great ingredient for side dishes. We've got five classic recipes for corn, including corn on the cob, corn chowder and corn and avocado salsa. Read more: Summer corn recipes.

Shrimp boil

What’s more festive in the summertime than an old-fashioned shrimp boil? Our featured recipe is guaranteed to leave everyone with a good red pepper glow by the end of the meal. Read more: Shrimp boil recipe.

Now serving dessert … apple crisp:

You could go with the traditional 4th of July dessert, but why not try something different? Besides, this recipe gives you the same apple pie taste without having to bake a pie crust. (And we all know that’s the hard part.) You’ll want to top it with your favorite vanilla ice cream. Read more: Apple crisp recipe.

Got more ideas for 4th of July recipes? Leave suggestions in the comments below.

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