As we get busier and more focused on eating healthy, meal delivery options have popped up to meet the demand for fresh food that fits into hectic schedules. These meal delivery services aim to make it as easy as possible to eat and cook better meals fast. Here are five to consider the next time you’re weighing your dinner options.

1. Blue Apron: Ditch the measuring cup

What you’ll get: Step-by-step recipes with fresh, seasonal, pre-portioned ingredients sent directly to your doorstep. Menus are posted a week in advance so you can decide if what’s on tap appeals to you. Bonus: Online cooking video tutorials are available on the Blue Apron site.

You’ll pay: $59.99 for three meals serving two people each. You can also skip a delivery or cancel at any time with one-week’s notice.

Availability: Blue Apron ships everywhere in the continental US; delivery days depend on your zip code.

Fun add-ons: Each box comes with an ingredient card that provides more information on one specific item in your box, highlighting how that ingredient was grown or where it was sourced.

2. HelloFresh: Hello detailed nutrition panels

What you’ll get: A healthy dinner with easy-to-follow recipes and pre-measured ingredients. You can opt for a Classic Box, Family Box or Veggie Box, all of which are reviewed by an in-house dietitian to ensure it’s balanced and nutritious.

You’ll pay: $69 for three meals serving two people, $129 for three meals serving four people, and it goes up from there.

Availability: HelloFresh ships everywhere except Alaska and Hawaii.

Fun add-ons: Each week one of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s recipes will appear in your box, with all the ingredients you need to create a flavor-packed dinner.

3. Power Supply: No prep required

What you’ll get: Responsibly sourced meals (options available for meat-eaters and vegetarians) crafted by independent local chefs.

You’ll pay: $10 per meal for “boost” size (for smaller appetites) to $15.50 per meal for “XL” (for people who tend to finish other people’s meals).

Availability: Power Supply is available in the Washington, D.C., area (within 90 minutes from the nation’s Capital, including Baltimore), Los Angeles to San Diego, and the San Francisco Bay area.

Fun add-ons: With every meal you buy, you’ll contribute to a fund that supports the work of local non-profits.

4. Munchery: Your kids will love it

What you’ll get: Chef-made meals featuring more than 30 dishes (entrees, sides, desserts and even kids’ meals) made from locally sourced ingredients, as well as famous dishes from favorite local restaurants.

You’ll pay: Between $8 and $14 for mains; Munchery also offers two-person and four-person family meals.

Availability: San Francisco Bay area, New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, and the surrounding suburban areas.

Fun add-ons: Munchery customers receive festive offerings around special occasions, like lucky gold coins with discounts for St. Patrick’s Day. Also, deliveries are made by bike when possible.

5. Plated: Dessert is served

What you’ll get: A selection of nine recipes per week spanning a variety of dietary preferences, from vegetarian and no added gluten to pescatarian. (Bonus: A Plated cookbook is coming out in May).

You’ll pay: Two dinners for two people cost $48 per week plus $6 shipping. Three dinners for two people cost $72 per week with free shipping.

Availability: Plated delivers throughout the U.S.

Fun add-ons: Two dessert choices are offered weekly for an extra $8 (for two). Plated also offers a Chef's Table section that features more specialty cuts of meat. Eco-bonus: Plated boxes are insulated with jute, a biodegradable compostable insulation solution, instead of standard insulation liners.

5 fresh meal delivery options
Meal delivery services make it as easy as possible to eat and cook healthier meals, even when you’re busy. Here are five meal delivery options to try.