It is no surprise to me that many studies have found that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have adverse effects on animal life, considering that scientists have tampered with their genetic core. GMO crops have been altered to unnaturally withstand large amounts of pesticides, or to produce pesticides themselves.

A new paper published by Environmental Sciences Europe reviewed data from 19 animal studies and found that animal consumption of genetically modified corn or soy leads to significant disruption in the liver and kidneys. Other organs, such as the heart, spleen and blood vessels may be affected as well.

I, for one, would rather not have my family be the guinea pigs for this new-fangled food. As more studies continue to be done on GMOs, I would like to vote with my money and support companies and farmers who do not use GMO seeds and ingredients. If you would like to do the same, here are the basics in protecting yourself against GMO's.

1. Buy organic. Organic companies cannot knowingly use genetically modified ingredients.

2. Especially avoid some of the most highly genetically modified crops, such as corn, soy, canola or cottonseed. Those corn chips at the Mexican restaurant or in your pantry? Genetically modified unless organic. French fries from the fast-food place on the corner? Fried in oil made from genetically modified corn or soy. That delicious “healthy” stir-fry from the Asian restaurant? Genetically modified canola oil was the “healthy” oil they stir-fried it in. When eating out try to avoid fried foods, or foods with a lot of added oils unless they are using 100 percent olive oil or another pure fat/oil.

3. If you eat out a lot, try to start cutting back and eat at home more. You will have much more control over your consumption of genetically modified foods. Plus, you will pay less for higher quality.

4. Watch out for packaged foods. Not only are they probably full of refined flour and sugar, but they almost always have one or more GMO ingredient. GMO’s are in roughly 80 percent of the packaged foods sold in the USA and Canada. You now have one more reason to avoid them.

5. Download the Non GMO shopping guide to make smarter shopping choices.

5 ways to protect your family from GMOs
A newly published paper finds that GMOs have adverse effects on animals. Here are five tips for protecting your family from engineered food.