Halloween is scary, and not just because of all the plastic and petroleum-based costumes on the market. Chocolate giants known for sinister eco-practices make a killing in profits this time of year. Also truly gross are the imaginations of certain intrepid candy makers. There are sweets made to resemble cockroaches. Or maggots. Does anyone want some scabs to suck on or fart candy to hand out this Halloween? We took a look at some of the most disgusting, stomach-turning sweets on the market.

1. Fan of Harry Potter? Then you won’t want to miss Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. One box of these Jelly Belly beans will either have you reaching for more or reaching for a tissue. Sure, you might get a handful of innocuous Green Apple, Grape or Blueberry. But you could also get a taste of Vomit, Booger, Dirt or Earwax. Reviewers over at Candyaddict.com say the tastes are true to life. Still interested?

2. Have a hankering for some maggots? Archie McPhee Mints and Maggots has you covered. Allegedly green apple-flavored, the maggots are slimy and realistic. Reviewers claim they taste more like rubber than green apple, but one would think that the thrill is in the chewing, not the tasting.

3. People love Gummi bears. But Squishy Gummi Eyeball Candy? Makers of this marshmallow-and-gummy candy mix claim it will feel like a “real eyeball swishing around your mouth.” They are also fully spherical, perfect for the most exacting Gummi Eyeball critics.

4. Willy Wonka Sluggles come in the appetizing shape of slugs. But not to worry! They are actually made of delicious gummy candy flavors like grape, lemon, strawberry and orange. As one reviewer notes, they are “good to take on a road trip as they won’t melt and are good at keeping your mouth occupied with the chewing.” (As long as you ignore that you are gnawing what looks like a slug.)

5. Fart Candy is the gag gift that will “make a stink.” These are hard suckers that are root beer-flavored. The product claims that any person who tastes it will soon have to pass gas. Since a healthy person is supposed to fart up to 16 times a day, odds are this just might happen.

6. Ever consider tasting a cockroach as it scurries across the floor? Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters can help anyone fulfill this wish. It combines a juicy gummy inside with a hard crunchy shell on the outside. Just be sure to chew them up so they don’t lay eggs in your mouth.

7. For some, bacon makes everything better. For these people, there are Bacon Bean candies. They even come in a bacon-shaped tin. Just don’t be surprised if you suddenly crave eggs or toast after consuming.

8. And finally, for anyone who has ever wanted to lick a scab, there are Candy Scabs. These sweet treats look just like real bandages, complete with bloody ooze. They are even sticky like real Band Aids. Just be careful not to confuse them for the real thing some dark, stormy Halloween night.

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8 disgusting Halloween candies
We took a look at some of the more stomach-turning sweets on the market.