When it comes to trying out new apple recipes, there’s no better time than now.

The apple harvest season is upon us, and the shelves at your local grocery store will be overflowing with these delicious fruits. The picking typically goes from September to November, and the United States produces roughly 7 percent of the world’s apple crop.

Whether your apples come from the orchard or from the grocery store, here are a few ideas for apple recipes:

Apple crisp

Get the same apple pie taste without the pain of baking a crust by making an apple crisp. You can eat this straight from the oven with a little vanilla ice cream. To make it truly green, try using apples direct from the farmers market and organic quick-cooking oats. Read more: Apple crisp recipe

Apple cranberry cobbler

This is a good one to put next to your pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving this year. If you don’t like or want to cook with alcohol, the rum can be omitted. Just make sure you get a good baking apple. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a soupy cobbler. Read more: Apple cranberry cobbler recipe

Apple cranberry sauce

Here’s a great slow cooker recipe that combines two in-season fruits: apples and cranberries. One thing to note is that if you’re watching your sugar intake, you can start with as little sugar as you like and then add more towards the end. This slow cooker will take about six hours to cook, so you’ve got plenty of time. Read more: Apple cranberry sauce recipe

Baked stuffed apples

This recipe comes from our collection of eggless desserts. Eggless or not, it adds a nice touch of class to the table. You can use Granny Smith apples, raisins, butter, brown sugar and brandy to make a sweet and savory dessert. Read more: Baked stuffed apples recipe

Know of other apple recipes? Let us know in the comments below.

Apple recipes
When it comes to trying out new apple recipes, there’s no better time than now.