If you thought that fried egg, omelettes, eggnog and frittatas were forever off the menu for vegans, think again. The world's first completely vegan fried egg substitute is now here: the Vegg.

The animal-free, egg-like concoction is the brainchild of Rocky Shepheard, who got the idea for inventing an egg substitute after hearing about a similar product that turned out to be an April Fool's joke. The Vegg is the real deal though, and it even looks and cooks like a real egg.

The Vegg isn't just for frying or scrambling. Given the diverse number of recipes listed on thevegg.com, it would appear that the product can be used for preparing just about any egg-based cuisine. For example, there are recipes for "vegg" noodle pastas, cake, hollandaise sauce, French toast, veggnog and even custard and vanilla ice cream.

Aside from being meat-free and dairy-free, the Vegg is also unlike many other vegan substitutes in that it is both soy- and gluten-free, making it perfect for anyone with egg, soy or gluten allergies. Also, unlike real eggs which can be loaded with cholesterol, the Vegg is heart-healthy and contains significantly less fat.

So what exactly is in the Vegg? It's primarily made from yeast flakes and a salt called kala namak, according to the Metro. You can view the posted nutrition facts and a full list of ingredients on its package, pictured here. Shepheard claims that the use of a "molecular gastronomic technique" is what makes his yolks look and taste so much like real eggs.

Though the product has only just launched, Shepheard is already working on more Vegg-related products, such as the Vegg Patty, which will be intended as the ideal substitute for breakfast sandwiches.

A number of vegan retailers have already signed up to distribute the Vegg. The only question that remains is: Are you willing to try it?

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Are you vegan but miss the taste of fried egg in the morning? Try the Vegg
World's first completely vegan fried egg substitute has the look and taste of the real thing.