Cheddar, you are my Venus

Cheddar, you are the word

None shall come between us

Incomparable curd


Pretty catchy, right? Well, if songwriter Tim Sutton and the Upbeat Choir are lucky, those words could soon be sung across the United Kingdom as the new cheddar cheese anthem for all of Britain.


Wait, what?


Let's back up a bit. The British Cheese Board recently put out a call for a song to promote cheddar as a cultural icon. They got more than 150 entries, and the top five are now posted for public voting. The finalists include a folksy ballad on a string guitar, a version of the classic song "Jerusalem" (played on accordion, drum and some sort of stomping foot instrument), and a pub song sung to the tune of "Pomp and Circumstance."


The winning entry will receive a free year's supply of British cheddar and two tickets to September's Big Feastival, a food and music festival hosted by TV chef Jamie Oliver and musician Alex James.


The cheese board named cheddar Britain's most popular cheese in 2008, winning the honor over more than 700 other cheeses produced in the U.K.


Voting is open through Aug. 3.


Here's the rest of Tim Sutton's cheesy entry, sung by the Upbeat Choir: 


Brits sing the praises of cheddar cheese
Brits sing the praises of cheddar cheese More than 150 teams have entered the British Cheese Board's competition to come up with a national anthem for cheddar.