There it is — that snarl sneaking up from underneath your shirt. Politely asking … OK, perhaps forcefully demanding a snack at inevitably the most inappropriate moment of the day. As if it’s forgotten the lunch you just lapped down only a mere few seconds beforehand! Or the required silence of meetings with the head honcho at work. Ugh.

But fear not my hungry fellows! Your tummy can most certainly be tamed with Clif Bar’s new Mini Energy Bars. These small smackerals are totally tasty and fit oh-so-easily into a desk drawer, purse, or pocket — seriously the perfect size to curb your in-between-meals cravings. Plus they come in three amazingly delish flavors (chocolate chip, chocolate brownie, and crunchy peanut butter), and are created using only all-natural and organic ingredients. 

So now your only problem will be keeping your sweet little stomach from wanting to eat an entire box all in one sitting … uh, not that we’ve ever done that. 

Story by Alison Sherbach. This article originally appeared in Plenty in June 2008. This story was added to

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Clif raises the bar
Clif Bar’s new Mini Energy Bars are created using only all-natural and organic ingredients.