When I was growing up, certain relatives loved green bean casserole in all of its goopy glory. It was admittedly never my favorite. It became even less so when I realized when I was older what ingredients went into it. So, if you are like me and think that green bean casserole is a tradition best put to rest, here are five recipes that allow green beans to shine on Thanksgiving or for any meal.


1. Not Your Mother’s Green Bean Casserole: First, if you like Green Bean Casserole, but just don’t enjoy the ingredients used, Alton Brown shares a much more gourmet, and healthier version. I could enjoy this version. 


2. Healthy Green Bean Casserole with Pumpkin Seed Crumble: For another take on a healthier version of green bean casserole, this recipe uses pumpkin seeds as part of a crumbly topping. 


3. Green Beans with Golden Raisins: If you are looking for something new and exciting, this recipe combines flavors of the East with the West. It is sweetened with raisins and includes an Asian flare with sesame oil and rice vinegar. 


4. Garlicky Green Beans: Thanksgiving on my husband’s side is never complete without his mother's garlicky green beans. It is delicious and flavorful without being pretentious.


5. Long-Simmered Green Beans: Thanksgiving on my side of the family is never the same without my Grandpa’s recipe for long-simmered green beans. I think it was growing up on this recipe that ruined me for green bean casserole. I love this recipe! 


So there are just a few examples of how to make delicious green beans without resorting to a can of creamed soup and fried onions. Green beans deserve a little care, and when treated right, they are a tasty addition to any meal. 


Do you have a favorite way of preparing green beans?