One sesame chicken, one hot and sour soup, and please, for the love of trees, hold the paper and plastic! Why do restaurants want so badly to unload stacks of paper napkins, mountains of plasticware, and heaps of extra sauces on us, every time we order a measly box of takeout? We all know where such refuse goes: either straight into the trash, or into the darkest, most forlorn corners of our kitchen drawers, to live out eternity in kitchen-junk limbo. Which is why Ecoagents (a non-profit that works with native tribes to protect the Amazon), has coined a catchy new phrase for your green take-out pleasure: "Eco To Go."

Next time you get take-out, try it and see what happens. All you have to do is order and say "Eco To Go"—though a little Please And Thank You never hurt either—and voila! Nothing but the food you actually ordered! The Eco To Go campaign is catching on in New York, where a couple hundred restaurants have already slapped the snazzy logo sticker up on their windows. What restaurateur wouldn't jump at the chance to please growing pools of green customers, save big bucks on paper and plastic, and get free press on the Ecoagents website, all at the same time? 

So help spread the word by telling your favorite restaurant to call 212.464.7806 for Eco To Go, or email them. Ecoagents will mail starter info and two window stickers over right away.

This article originally appeared in Plenty in April 2007. The story was added to in July 2009.

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