Enough with all those clever confections from Ben & Jerry’s. Why limit your palate to Karamel Sutra or Cherry Garcia when you could be indulging your sweet tooth with Facebook-flavored ice cream?

In one of the odder moments of ice-cream inspiration (and there have been plenty of odd ones), the owners of an ice cream shop in the Croatian town of Tisnom created a dessert not based on exotic Tahitian vanilla or romantic artisanal ingredients — no, their muse was a social network.

Brothers Admir and Ibi Adili of Valentino Ice Cream Shop say that the inspiration for the curious concoction came from Admir’s 15-year-old daughter Bibi, who, like many a 15-year old, spends a lot of her free time on Facebook.

The plan was simple enough, make a plain white ice cream marbled with blue syrup, create a “Facebook” sign for it, and then, believe it or not, watch as tourists stroll into the parlor and devour it in droves. And what exactly does Facebook ice cream taste like? Does it taste like hours of distraction and duck-pout selfies? Actually, much less exciting (or more, depending on how you view these things); apparently Facebook ice cream tastes like gum and candy.

But if you aren’t nearby and don’t get there soon, you may be out of luck. Given that they created the confection without approval from the social network, we’re guessing the flavor may soon be replaced with a new one: Cease and Desist.

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