As temperatures cool, we can begin to think about those healthy fall recipes that were just too hot to make during the summer.

You know, the ones that can be classified as comfort food and make use of all the autumn vegetables we can harvest during the last few months of the year.

Whether you want to sit back and relax with a hearty bowl of soup or you want to plan a party for your family, the Mother Nature Network has a list of healthy fall recipes you can try out for yourself:

Leek and potato soup

This is a pretty straightforward recipe for starting any meal but it will probably go over well at Thanksgiving. You can use vegetable stock to make the vegetarians at your table that much happier. Read more: Leek and potato soup recipe

Garlic mashed potatoes

Does anything say comfort food more than potatoes? We’ve got some work-arounds for you if you don’t have time to roast the garlic. Just remember to keep the garlic-flavored oil you will have at the end for another time. Read more: Garlic mashed potatoes recipe

Garlicky kale and roasted turnips

This is another great side dish for a fall feast. Kale and turnips are both ideal vegetables to plant during the fall so it’s a no-brainer to incorporate them into a fall recipe. Both of these are easy to prepare although the cooking time is rather long at about an hour. Read more: Garlicky kale and roasted turnips recipe

Vegan pumpkin ravioli

Here’s a hearty vegan recipe that could easily be used for Thanksgiving. The prep time is about 40 minutes but that time can be cut down even more if you make the pasta ahead of time. Read more: Vegan pumpkin ravioli

Perfect roast chicken

This recipe incorporates a brining process to help retain moisture and flavor in the chicken. In addition, it gives advice on how to position the chicken for the best roasting experience. This one will take about an hour and a half to prepare in addition to a minimum of six hours’ worth of marinating time. Read more: Perfect roast chicken

Apple cranberry cobbler

The apple cranberry cobbler will surely be a hit with guests at any fall gathering. Apples and cranberries are abundant in the fall and this is a great warm dish to serve during a cool evening meal. Read more: Apple cranberry cobbler

Pumpkin spice cookies

Can you ever do too much with pumpkins in the fall? If you come near that limit, make sure to leave room for these cookies. This delicious recipe cooks up in about 20 minutes and will leave your house smelling amazing. Read more: Pumpkin spice cookies

Know of other healthy fall recipes? Leave us a note in the comments below.

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Healthy fall recipes
As temperatures cool, we can begin to think about those healthy fall recipes that were just too hot to make during the summer.