Having trouble coming up with a good last-minute Halloween costume idea? Here's a scary idea: dress like Colonel Sanders, and you could win all the KFC sandwiches you can eat for the rest of your life. The fast-food giant is holding a look-alike competition as part of a year-long celebration of its founder.

“KFC has a recipe for the ultimate costume idea that includes a potential tasty prize,” reads the announcement on the KFC website.

“In honor of the Doublicious sandwich and as part of a year-long campaign to celebrate founder Colonel Harland Sanders' life and legacy, KFC is inviting fans to dress as the Colonel's Doublicious Double for Halloween.”

And that's not all! In addition to $13,000 worth of greasy fast food, the lucky winner will get the chance to be “outfitted in a more official Colonel's suit for next year's Halloween celebration!” (Not to mention the 1099 tax form you'll be receiving in the mail as per the contest rules. Spooky!)

Entreating the public to act as walking advertisements with this costume idea isn't the first time KFC has courted controversy in recent months. The company's “Buckets for the Cure” campaign pushed fatty chicken in pink buckets as a way to raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure in a move blasted by the executive director of Breast Cancer Action as “pinkwashing”.

If you want to take KFC up on its offer, you can get more information at KFC.com or share your photo at Facebook.com/KFC. Or, you could skip the white suit and try out one of our Group Halloween costume ideas instead.

KFC pushes scary Halloween costume idea
Dress like Colonel Sanders for Halloween and you could win a lifetime supply of KFC sandwiches.