As I was wandering the aisles in the produce section of our local health food store, I stumbled upon the kiwi berrie. A  one-inch-long, oval-shaped, green fruit that didn't look very appetizing on the outside. In fact, I probably would have never even paid attention to them except that a sign with their nutritional value caught my eye. Like many fruits, they are high in antioxidants as well as vitamin C, vitamin E, several B vitamins, as well as many minerals. For example, a serving has five times the amount of an orange and it's higher in potassium than bananas.


With a twinge of doubt over the success of these funny looking "berries," I added them to my cart.  The directions said they were ready to eat when soft to the touch. When we got home we sorted out the softer ones and I gently washed them. I then cut one in half and was amazed to see the cute little kiwi halves! They looked exactly like kiwi, except that they were doll sized.


My daughter was delighted.


I took the plunge and stuck one in my mouth. The skin was a little thick for such a small fruit and a bit tart, but it was balanced by the sweet middle. It tasted kind of like kiwi! I thought they were great, so my daughter decided to try them. She soon found that she didn't like the tart skin, so she sucked out all of the sweet middle part. It's now her favorite snack.


All in all, I've found being adventurous in trying new things to have paid off. Sure, we occasionally try something we don't like. But in many cases, like with the kiwi berries, trying something new leads to a new favorite.


What about you? Have you tried kiwi berries or another unusual produce item?

Kiwi berries: A new favorite
This unusual, nutritious fruit — the kiwi berry — is fun for children and delicious for everyone.