Soft lighting and smooth jazz not only add romance to your fast-food dining experience, they also make you less likely to overeat, says a new study by Cornell University's Food and Brand Lab. Researchers transformed part of a Hardee's in Champaign, Ill., into a swanky fine-dining establishment. They left the rest of the restaurant as it was. The (very breathlessly reported) results:

Researchers hypothesized that participants in the fine-dining part would consume more as the relaxed atmosphere would cause them to linger longer and order more food than those in the fast food environment. Interestingly results showed that even though participants in the fine-dining area ate for longer than those in the main eating area, they actually consumed less food! Those in the fine dining area were also no more likely to order extra food. Another surprising result is that even though participants in the fine-dining part ate less food, they actually rated the food as more enjoyable, so changing the atmosphere can change food consumption and food satisfaction!
The fancy-pants diners consumed 18 percent less food than their casual counterparts. Classy!

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Mood lighting in fast-food restaurants could make you eat less
Having soft lighting and playing smooth jazz in a fast food restaurant could lessen your likelihood of overeating, not to mention enhance the atmosphere.