This well produced, independently funded film clearly demonstrates that food does indeed matter and that alternative medicine deserves a voice. Food Matters is free to watch until the 8th of October and the 80 minutes it takes to watch is time well spent. This is a vitally important message that our country and world needs to hear and I encourage you to watch it for free while you can, and then consider buying the film to help support this message.


You can watch it by signing up at Food Matters, or you can view it on Mercola’s site.


Here are a few highlights from the film. 


  • It contains fascinating interviews with leading nutritionists, naturopaths, scientists, M.D.'s and medical journalists. These men and women share from their wide experience on topics especially related to disease and cancer. This includes possible treatments and preventative practices. This is a topic close to my heart because so many of my family, and my husband’s family, have died from cancer. Not only has this been heartbreaking, but it also means that my husband and I are in the “higher risk” category. With soaring cancer rates in our country, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was close to your heart as well. If you watch Food Matters, you will be encouraged and given hope that there is more to be offered than traditional doctors can give.
  • The politics behind traditional treatments are graciously, but eye openly revealed. I especially liked how they compared the risk of taking supplements (a so called risk that often makes the news) to the very real risk of dying from even properly prescribed medicine.
  • The research shared on high dose vitamin treatments was fascinating. I thought it especially interesting that this treatment has been in use for over 50 years.
  • Another analogy shared that I liked was the “one armed fight”. Imagine cancer being your opponent in a boxing ring. He has won many fights before you. He’s tough. Then imagine your arm being tied behind your back and being pushed into the ring. That is what going after cancer with only traditional medicine at your disposal looks like. Wouldn’t you rather have both arms available to fight?
  • Another intriguing part of the film was the director’s use of film clips from the 1950’s glorifying the use of chemicals and medical doctors. The 1950’s were full of hope in scientific discovery, like pesticides and blind obedience to the medical world. I believe we are still reaping the bad fruit of the seeds planted in that time period, despite the advancements we’ve made since then.
  • It was also wonderful to see Charlotte Gerson, founder of Gerson Institute,  being interviewed.  While I personally feel that there are improved treatments available now; she and her father were real pioneers in the alternative cancer treatment movement.

Points of Difference


  • My main criticism is that those interviewed only give a partial picture of alternative cancer treatments, especially in regard to diet. We hear a lot about raw foods from David Wolfe in the film. Others mention a vegetarian diet, and one segment shows meat being barbecued while we are warned about the dangers of a high meat diet.  The message is clearly anti-meat. While I believe that raw food diets, vegetarian diets, and vegan diets are the right choice for many, especially when fighting a serious disease, some people may actually do better with meat in their diet. For example the highly renowned Dr. Gonzalez uses everything from raw food diets, to what he calls “Eskimo” diets (mostly protein and fat) for a very high success rate in curing cancer. His treatment is unique to each person.  I believe that we are unique people with unique needs and that calls for unique diets. Part of the reason I think the Gerson method of healing is outdated is that it isn’t as individualized as some of the new alternative treatments are.

Overall, this is a very important movie to watch. It’s an excellent introduction to both the pitfalls of the medical community and the overlooked voice of research and cancer treatment. I personally felt uplifted and encouraged by viewing it, and I hope you take the time to watch it too.


Have you watched Food Matters yet? Are you aware of other alternative treatment for cancer and other diseases not shared in Food Matters?


Review of the independently funded film 'Food Matters'
Food Matters gives a voice to alternative treatments of cancer and disease as well as making the claim that what you eat does matter for a healthy life. Well re