On Monday, I shared how a new paper linked organ disruption to the consumption of genetically modified foods in animal studies. On Tuesday, I gave 10 reasons why we shouldn’t consume GMOs. But what's even scarier is that people are unwittingly consuming genetically modified foods — because no labeling required. A shocking 80 percent of packaged foods contain genetically modified ingredients in the United States and Canada.


While the facts can be discouraging, we can do two things individually to help turn the tide. First, we as consumers can choose to support farmers and companies that do not use genetically modified seeds and ingredients. With a little smart shopping, you can make your pantry GMO-free. Read my five tips here to do just that.


The second way we can fight the massive influx of genetically modified foods in our country is to support this campaign asking the FDA to require the labeling of foods containing GMOs. The statistics show that most of us would rather not consume genetically modified foods, yet we do so without realizing it. The labeling of GMOs in the market place would help us as consumers make smarter choices and force companies to use better ingredients. I consider that a double win.


So why not spend the 30 seconds it takes to add your name to the campaign asking for the right to know what is in our food? It is certainly a right all of us should have.