Perhaps you (fondly, not so fondly?) remember mood rings and hypercolor shirts, which changed color depending on body heat and temperature. Well, the next generation of polychromatic gimmicks is now here, and no, it doesn't come in the form of a new cover for your smartphone.

Rather, it's ice cream. That's right, there is now such a thing as ice cream that changes color as you lick it, reports

The kaleidoscopic frozen dessert was created by Spanish physicist Manuel Linares, a man who became interested in designing new forms of ice cream after reportedly becoming dissatisfied with the humdrum existence of being a physics professor. Instead, he pursued what he has described as a "Masters Diploma in Creating Artisan Ice Cream."

Linares was originally inspired by an invention from a man named Charlie Francis, who created ice that changes color under fluorescent lights. It took just about a week of brainstorming with some buddies for Linares to come up with his own twist, an ice cream that changes color after exposure to the temperature and acids in your mouth. The concoction has been cleverly named "Xamaleón," and supposedly it tastes like tutti-frutti. 

Some have theorized that the color changing happens because of the types of fruit that are used, but Linares has remained tight-lipped about his secret formula. One hint, though, comes from the fact that the ice cream doesn't seem to begin changing color until it has been scooped and placed in a cone, and after Linares sprays his "special" ingredient: a spritz he calls the "love elixir."

The ice cream begins as periwinkle blue, then changes to pink and eventually becomes purple as you lick. Despite its psychedelic appearance, Linares insists that the ice cream is made from all natural ingredients, so there's nothing to be alarmed by, health-wise, when enjoying a cone.

Part of the reason Linares is keeping his formula a secret is that he has big business plans for Xamaleón. He has already opened a shop in Blanes, Spain, and there are several other exotic types of ice cream on the docket as well. For instance, he is currently working on an ice cream that mimics the effect of Francis' fluorescent ice, as well as a flavor made with Peruvian and African medicinal plants, which will supposedly provide an aphrodisiac effect.

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Trippy new ice cream changes color as you lick it
The color-changing ice cream is sensitive to the temperature and acids of your tongue, and supposedly tastes like tutti-frutti.