Long considered the most important meal of the day, breakfast gives us the energy to make it through our daily activities — at least until lunchtime. Research says a healthy breakfast is important in the push to lose weight and sets the tone for making healthy food choices all day long.

But what's on your morning plate? While we may be eating anything from cold cereal or pancakes to bacon and eggs, the rest of the world has quite different selections. Here's a look at typical breakfasts in 25 countries across the globe.


toast with vegemite for an Australian breakfast

Toast with Vegemite, a spread made from yeast extract, with a side of fruit. (Photo: Adam/flickr)


cheese bread for breakfast in Brazil

Pao de queijos, or cheese buns, are often a big part of Brazilian breakfasts. (Photo: Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts/flickr)


sticky rice, beans and fish for breakfast in Burma

Sticky fried rice and fish. (Photo: bamar_bad_ass/flickr)


jook stew for breakfast in China

Jook, a rice soup topped with pickled tofu, or sometimes dried meat or egg. (Photo: sstrieu/flickr)


changua soup for breakfast in Columbia

A milk, scallion and egg soup called changua. (Photo: manuela y daniel/flickr)


tostada with coffee, breakfast in Cuba

Cafe con leche with a tostada, sliced bread that is buttered and grilled. (Photo: Boca Dorada/flickr)


eggs, bacon and mushroom breakfast in England

Eggs on toast, bacon-wrapped sausages and mushrooms. (Photo: Alpha/flickr)


puuro, porridge, is a common breakfast in Finland

Oat-based porridge called puuro, commonly served with milk and fruit. (Photo: Tanzania/Wikipedia)


croissants and coffee for breakfast in France

Croissants and coffee. (Photo: Tim Lucas/flickr)


meat, cheese and bread for a German breakfast

Sliced meats, cheese, bacon and bread. (Photo: Steve Burt/flickr)


idli pancakes for an Indian breakfast

Steamed savory rice cakes, served with dips. (Photo: Premshree Pillai/flickr)


pastries with coffee for an Italian breakfast

Pastries with cappuccino. (Photo: Mike and Annabel Beales/flickr)


saltfish, plantains and ackee for a Jamaican breakfast

Plantains, ackee (a popular fruit) and saltfish. (Photo: Jenni Konrad/flickr)


rice, miso soup and natto for a Japanese breakfast

Miso soup, natto (a soybean mixture) and rice. (Photo: Yu Morita/flickr)


rice, soup and meat for breakfast in Korea

Stew with rice and vegetables. (Photo: Matt_Weibo/flickr)


Chilaquiles (fried tortillas with toppings), beans and rice for breakfast in Mexico

Chilaquiles (fried tortillas with toppings), beans and rice. (Photo: Joe Hall/flickr)


mint tea and toast for a moroccan breakfast

Mint tea and toast. (Photo: Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay/flickr)

New Zealand

Weet-Bix cereal in New Zealand for breakfast

Bowl of cereal with fruit, including a popular Weet-Bix cereal biscuit. (Photo: blair_25/flickr)


bread with galao coffee for breakfast in Portugal

Fresh bread with galão, an espresso and foamed milk coffee drink. (Photo: André Luís/flickr)


cheese pancakes called syrniki for breakfast in Russia

Cheese pancakes called syrniki. (Photo: RachelH_/flickr)


chocolate con churros for breakfast in Spain

Churros to be dipped in the hot chocolate. (Photo: Chris/flickr)


Crisp bread with soured milk for breakfast in Sweden

Soured milk with crisp bread and toppings. (Photo: Jonas Ahrentorp/flickr)


muesli with yogurt for breakfast in Switzerland

Muesli with yogurt. (Photo: cyclonebill/flickr)


feta, bread, olives and eggs for breakfast in Turkey

Feta, bread, olives and eggs. (Photo: John Hritz/flickr)


arepa with eggs, toast and cookies for breakfast in Venezuela

Soft corn flatbread arepa with eggs, toast and cookies. (Photo: HausOf_Diegoo/flickr)

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What breakfast looks like around the world
The most important meal of the day sure looks different when you wake up in a new locale.