Resisting the siren's song of a chocolate chip cookie — or any type of cookie, really — can be difficult. Whether they're held in a classic cookie jar or plastic storage container to maximize freshness, cookies are just too easy to grab and munch on.

Well, SneakySunny on Imgur has the solution to this particular problem: it's a box you need two people to open.

SneakySunny likens the box's lock mechanism, which is a series of three pull levers with a rotating knob, to the process required for launching a nuclear missile, because, in their words, "eating cookies is serious business."

However, SneakySunny discovered that one person could still open the box with a little ingenuity (or just big hands and a mouth) if the lock mechanism was exposed, so they crafted "the cave" over it. The cave provides three entry ways for the levers that provide "only place for 2/3 fingers to grab and pull the lever back." Now the cookie box is even more difficult to get into!

Of course, the device can be used to store all kinds of tempting snacks, so head over to SneakySunny's post for a better idea of how to build your own 2-person cookie box.

This cookie box needs 2 people to open it
What better way to resist temptation than storing cookies in a box you can't open without a friend?