Join Farmer D as he talks to vendors and customers at the historic Trustees' Garden farmers market in downtown Savannah, Georgia. (Nick Scott/MNN)


Farmer D:  Hi, I’m Farmer D.  We’re here at the Trustee’s Garden Farmers Market.  We’re right downtown Savannah here.  This is about the fourth month we’ve been doing this and we’re going to walk on in and check out the Farmers Market.  So come on in and check it out.
Maria:  Really, what intrigued me about it was just the fact that the whole community was kind of coming together.  And I think it’s just such a needed thing in Savannah, to have the community get together to have folks buy from local farmers.  Also just the importance of education on why it’s important to eat organic and buy local.
Farmer D:  And then tell me a little bit about, kind of. where you see this market going in the future.
Maria:  We just kinda want to get it as big as possible, and have just tons of vendors and lots of education going on.  You know, we have a lot of space to grow into.  So we just want it to be for the locals, for the community, and also for tourists to come in and, you know, buy things that are local and get information about the, you know, the foods that are local to us here.
Andy: I just kinda like meeting all the people, all the other farmers and just kinda the whole atmosphere is great.  There’s really good local music here on a pretty steady basis and that’s great entertainment for everyone that comes.
Farmer D: What do you love about this market?
Matthew: Oh, it’s just –
Farmer D:  What brings you here?
Matthew:  Well, it’s just a great grassroots downtown Savannah market.  It’s a great way for us to stay in touch with our customers and shake people’s hand and bring ‘em up to speed as to what we’re doing here in the community, and on the farm, and all that.  Yeah, it’s just, you know, a beautiful little market, you know.  Not too big, you know, not too small, just right.  Got all the, you know, beautiful organic farmers from around the region and the city here, and just a great place to be, outdoors.
Farmer D:  And you're amongst all your beautiful organic vegetables.
Robbie:  Mm-hmm.
Farmer D:  And what do you love about coming to this market and providing food for these great people?
Robbie:  Well, you just said it.  That’s what I love about this market.  Coming here, providing food for these good people.  And I enjoy so much, and the farming as well.  And I love being here and I love serving everyone.  And I love the, the feedback that I get from the customers too.  Their continued – like this gentleman here, he’s been coming and coming –
Robbie:  But I look between what I can do to help my customers to get a better deal that they’re gonna at any other the grocery store, plus

and they’re getting top-quality produce.
Farmer D:
  That’s right.
Robbie:  And that makes me happy.


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