The sweet and juicy goodness of watermelon is a lovely way to keep cool during the summer. While we appreciate watermelon as a beat-the-heat treat, it's also a challenge, too. After all, getting a watermelon ready to enjoy can be a labor-intensive process.

Unless you're this Stone Mountain, Georgia, woman that is. With her skills, you don't have to wait long for watermelon deliciousness.

Recorded by her brother on July 4, the woman removes the rind of half a watermelon and then dices it into finger-friendly chunks in 15 seconds! Watermelon for everyone! It looks like she has more work to do, but we imagine she probably finished all the remaining watermelons in couple of minutes. #watermelonbae indeed.

You'd almost think, as some of the folks replying to the video on Twitter did, that it was on fast forward, it happens so quickly. But, no, it's just pure confidence, knife skills and, of course, a steel glove. So, don't attempt this at home at this speed not without one of those gloves and a lot of practice.

Watch this woman dice up half a watermelon in 15 seconds
This Stone Mountain resident does not have time to mess around with stubborn watermelon and dices up half of one in 15 seconds.