Coconut sugar is one of the natural sweeteners I love to have in my kitchen. I am sensitive to cane sugar, so it’s a wonderful alternative for me. It’s an unrefined sweetener made from the nectar from coconut flowers, and has a higher mineral content in comparison to refined sweeteners. Some believe that it is also a better sugar for blood sugar control.

Regardless, this traditional sweetener is delicious! I love its earthy, brown sugar-ish, caramel taste, and use it in place of brown sugar in any recipe. You can also “powder it” for a finer texture. 

Here are some recipes that work beautifully with coconut sugar. 

caramel sauce made with coconut sugar

All in-text photos: Kimi Harris 

Easy Caramel Sauce: This is a favorite ice cream topping. (Try it with one of these coconut milk ice cream recipes!) It is sweetened with a combination of honey and coconut sugar.

Teriyaki Chicken Wings: Use coconut sugar for a rich undertone in teriyaki sauce. Delicious! 

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake: This gluten-free cake uses coconut sugar and coconut oil for a healthier dessert. 

Caramelized Peach Cornmeal Skillet Cake: Speaking of cakes, here is a delicious option for a coconut sugar sweetened cake as well. 

Red Velvet Cupcakes: These coconut sugar sweetened cupcakes are made “velvet” by the addition of beets. 

simple baked apples

Simple Baked Apples: To really keep things simple, and to use only a small amount of sweetener per serving, these baked apples are delicious with coconut sugar. 

Cranberry Apple Mini Pies: These flakey mini hand pies are so fun! I always use coconut sugar when making them. 

Nutterfingers: You can even make your own homemade candy bars using coconut sugar! 

DIY chocolate syrup using coconut sugar

DIY Chocolate Syrup: Whenever I make this delicious chocolate syrup, I also use the coconut sugar option. Deliciously bittersweet and also perfect for topping ice cream with, or serving with desserts. 

Raw Coconut Boy Choy Spicy Soup: A traditional use of coconut sugar is using it to add a little sweetness to Thai soups. This is a “raw” version of a traditional recipe. 

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