My family seems to have a problem with leftovers that look like leftovers. Nobody ever wants to eat something like leftover meat the night or two after it’s done. But if I use the leftover meat as an ingredient in a completely different dish, they’re fine with that.


Last night I made two big steaks to divide among the four of us. We were left with half of one steak that weighs a little over half a pound. In deciding what to do with the leftover steak, I did a little research. Here are some recipes that all look like great ways to use up the leftover steak in my fridge. I’m leaning towards the chili, but I’m also thinking about the beef fried rice.


  1. Grilled Steak Quesadillas – Instead of cooking a new steak in the adobo sauce as indicated in this recipe, slice your leftover steak and heat it up in the sauce in a pan.
  2. New York Strip Bruschetta – There are actually a few recipes for leftover steak on this website, but this bruschetta caught my eye. Thinly sliced steak is added to other toppings on a toasted baguette.
  3. Leftover Steak Sandwiches - This is not to be confused with a cheesesteak sandwich (the type that Philadelphia is so famous for). Sliced leftover steak is used to create a warm sandwich with mozzarella cheese, lettuce and some condiments.
  4. Steak Hash – Hash is a good way to use up many types of leftover meats, and this simple recipe calls for one cup of diced, leftover steak.
  5. Leftover Steak Soup – Make a hearty soup using the leftover steak and ingredients you probably already have in your fridge and pantry.
  6. Leftover Steak Chili – Now that fall is just a few days away, chili sounds good, doesn’t it? This might be what I do with my leftover steak.
  7. Shepard’s Pie – This winter favorite usually calls for ground beef, but leftover steak works just as well in it.
  8. Beef Stew – The beef is already cooked, so this stew comes together quickly.
  9. Steak Salad – Leftover steak is paired with Gorgonzola (yum) and then placed on top of a mixed green salad and topped with a homemade Red Wine Vinaigrette.
  10. Beef Fried Rice – Instead of adding the beef first to cook, add the already cooked and cubed beef last just to heat it through.

What are your ideas for using up leftover steak?


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Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

10 recipes to use up leftover steak
Is a portion of last night's steak dinner sitting in your refrigerator waiting to turned into something else? Try one of these recipes and your family won't car