If you use a little creativity, your waffle iron can be a multi-purpose cooktop. There are many foods besides waffles that can be made in the waffle iron. (I’m particularly interested in seeing if it really can make something edible out of old French fries.)

  1. Bacon: Alton Brown cooks bacon in a waffle iron. That’s enough of a reason for me to try it.
  2. Pizza pockets: Refrigerated biscuit dough is stuffed with cheese and pepperoni, and then cooked in a waffle iron.
  3. Calzones: Pizza dough is filled with cheese and fresh herbs, and then waffled.
  4. Cinnamon rolls: A store-bought refrigerated tube of cinnamon rolls becomes waffles, slathered with icing.
  5. Grilled cheese: The cheese combinations are endless. This particular recipe is for Waffled Tomato Grilled Cheese.
  6. Eggs: Scrambled eggs with cheese get cooked in the waffle iron and come out looking surprisingly like waffles.
  7. Quesadillas: This isn't too different from grilled cheese, so it makes perfect sense that quesadillas would work well in a waffle iron.
  8. Old French Fries: I have never thought old French fries were worth trying to reheat, but I’d give this a try.
  9. Crab cakes: Not sure why you’d do them in a waffle iron, but it looks like you can.
  10. Soft pretzels: The process is lengthy because you have to boil the dough first, but the waffled pretzels can be used as sandwich bread.
  11. Grilled squash: One of the healthier options for creative waffle-iron use, slices of winter squash get grilled in about 5 minutes using the waffle iron.
  12. Hash browns: I’ve tried using my waffle iron to make tater tot hash browns without much luck. This method is different. It uses freshly grated potato and cooks them up in 10 minutes.
  13. Sticky rice and tofu: Waffle the rice; waffle the tofu, and then put them together.
  14. Cookies: Instead of 10 minutes, cookies take about a minute and a half in a waffle iron.
  15. Cheeseburger: Everything gets waffled – the homemade bun, the burger and the cheese.
  16. Churros: Instead of deep-frying, churros can be made crispy with the waffle iron.
  17. Falafel: Falafel comes out crispy when it's made this way.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

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