Meatloaf, with its long and varied history, comes in many delicious forms. It's been popular for a long time because it's easy, frugal, kid-friendly and highly adaptable. Whether you love the traditional ketchup-topped version, or a more unusual variation, this list of meatloaf recipes has you covered. 

Traditional American meatloaf recipes

Simple Meatloaf: This basic version uses sautéed veggies and cream for good texture and flavor. 

Meatloaf (The Real Food Way): This version uses the classic half ground beef, half ground pork for a flavorful combo. Flecked with carrots, celery and parsley, this easy version uses basics from your kitchen for an everyday meal.

Traditional Meatloaf: This lovely traditional version is peppered with carrots, and uses Panko breadcrumbs to bind. 

Sundried Tomato and Herb Meatloaf recipe


Sundried Tomato and Herb Meatloaf (pictured above): This version uses grass-fed beef, and very flavorful ingredients, such as sundried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce.

Meatloaf: This version shows us just how simple making meatloaf can be! 

Here is a great tutorial on how to make meatloaf and meatballs, with a helpful chart showing different ingredient options you could use. 

Turkey and chicken meatloaf recipes 

Turkey Meatloaf: Ina Garten shares a broth-moistened version of turkey meatloaf that sounds lovely. 

Amazing Turkey or Chicken Meatloaf: Cheese gives this version more flavor. 

Turkey and Chicken Meatloaf: This meatloaf recipes uses both turkey and chicken for a moist, flavorful recipe. 

Grain-free meatloaf recipes 

Mini meat loaf recipe

Photo: KimiHarris 

Mini Simple Meatloaves (pictured above): Using a muffin tin, it’s so easy to make mini meatloaves. This version is delicious, and also grain-, dairy- and egg-free.

Paleo Meatloaf: This version uses almond flour instead of breadcrumbs, coconut milk instead of dairy for a paleo-friendly version. 

3 “GAPS” Meatloaves: For those on the healing “GAPS” diet, these grain-free meatloaves will be a blessing. Choose between the traditionally seasoned, Asian, or “Breakfast sausage” versions. 

Meatzza: You can also make a sort of meatloaf “pizza”! It’s a favorite for those on a low-carb diet, or those avoiding starches. 

Flavorful variations of meatloaf 

Meatloaf recipes - Meatloaf cupcakes with guacamole frosting

Photo: Andrea Green/The Greenbacks Gal

Mexican Meatloaf Cupcakes with Guacamole Frosting (pictured above) :I LOVE this version of mini meatloaves! It's flavorful and with a fun “frosting” too. 

Tandoori Lamb Meatloaf: With plenty of flavorful spices combined with lovely ground lamb, this recipe made me want to jump into the kitchen to make it right away! 

Kiftet Batatta (Arabic Meatloaf with Potatoes): This unusual version uses lamb and sliced potatoes. 

Vegetarian ‘meatloaf’ recipes

Really Good Vegetarian Meatloaf: With cheese, herbs, and lentils and oats, this hearty meatloaf fills you up without the meat. 

Sundried Tomato and Mushroom Veggie Meatloaf: This version uses the umami power of mushrooms and sundried tomatoes to bring flavor to the next level. 

Vegan Meatloaf: This version uses chopped walnuts, lentils, sautéed vegetables, and a balsamic tomato glaze. 

And don’t forget to use those leftovers well! Here are seven ways to use them. 

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