Tonight, I’ll be on Google+ doing a regional Hangout, a new show online show called Savoring South Jersey. I host the show with two other local food bloggers, John and Lisa from Eating in South Jersey, and if you’re really interested in finding out what’s happening in the South Jersey restaurant scene, you might want to tune in to Savoring South Jersey which will go live on Google+ tonight at 9:30 ET. We’ll be interviewing two local chefs who are both James Beard nominees and several other impressive accolades.

I know not everyone who reads this blog is interested in what’s happening in my small corner of the food world, though. For those of you who want more general information about food and cooking, I still highly recommend seeing what Google+ has to offer. Here are five people on Google+ that I follow and find cooking inspiration from.

  1. Chef Dennis Littley – Chef Dennis is the Google+ guru when it comes to food, cooking, food blogs, and Google+ Hangouts. If you keep an eye on what he posts, you’ll get information on all sorts of live cooking demonstrations, some that he hosts and others that he promotes. He also shares fantastic recipes of his own and from other food bloggers.
  2. Jerry James Stone – You may be familiar with Jerry from some of the recipes that he posts here on MNN or from his Cooking Stoned website. He posts amazing photos and wonderful recipes for vegetarian and vegan dishes on his Google+ page. He does really creative things like make boozy, cheesy popsicles (Bourbon, Blackberries & Chevre Popsicles!).
  3. Pass the Sushi – This is the Google+ page of blogger Kita Roberts. Her recipes make my mouth water and her photos are beautiful. I never know if she’s going to post a beautiful salad, a time saving slow cooker recipe, a boozy beverage, or a sweet dessert, but I always know I’m going to want to make whatever she’s posted.
  4. Kevin Lynch – Kevin has the Closet Cooking blog, and he cooks with fresh, seasonal ingredients. He posts his latest creations on Google+. He’s been on an asparagus kick lately, which is no surprise – asparagus is abundant and flavorful right now.
  5. Food in Jars – This is the Google+ page for Marissa McClellan’s canning blog, and she links to recipes as well as information about cookbooks and cooking and canning tools.
Of course you should be following me, Robin Shreeves on Google+ and Mother Nature Network on Google+, too!

Who are the food people that you follow on Google+?

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

5 Google+ pages home cooks should follow
If you want some cooking inspiration, follow these chefs and food bloggers on Google+ for recipes, cooking tips, and more.