The last of the carrots are being pulled from the ground in backyard gardens in all but the warmest regions of the country. Instead of using them in the same old recipes, try a new one like one of the following.


1. Weekend Vegetarian Stew – This stew is full of vegetables – carrots, Swiss chard, corn, pumpkin and more — along with barley, split peas and beans. Mushrooms and several herbs and spices add a ton of flavor.


2. Winter Greens, Carrot and Tofu Eggrolls – These eggrolls are vegan and look like a great light meal or appetizer idea.


3. Kale and Pesto Crostini with Roasted Vegetables – Carrots, beets and parsnips are roasted to put on top of crispy toasts spread with a kale pesto.


4. Carrot Jam – Carrots make an amazing colored jam, and their sweetness lends itself to jam.


5. Carrot Fritters – Grated carrots are added to mashed potatoes bound with some egg and fresh breadcrumbs make yummy looking fritters, or are they patties?


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5 recipes for carrots
The growing season is getting dormant in much of the U.S., and gardeners are pulling the last of their root vegetables, including carrots. If you have one last