Leftover shrimp. It’s never happened before in my house. But last night, I made more food than we could eat to celebrate the end of swim team season for my 11-year-old. I made shrimp scampi, steak, sautéed mushrooms, baked potatoes, peas and chocolate cake. It was quite a feast.

I now have leftover shrimp and steak. I already know what to do with leftover steak, but I spent a little time today finding ideas for the leftover shrimp. I know I need to use it by tomorrow night at the latest — shrimp goes bad quickly.

  1. Garlic Shrimp Casserole – This recipe by Alton Brown calls for leftover garlic shrimp as well as leftover rice. I’m sure shrimp scampi would work just fine.
  2. Shrimp Alfredo Pasta-less Zucchini Pasta – Julienned zucchini instead of pasta creates a base for leftover shrimp scampi and tomatoes and it’s all topped with Alfredo.
  3. Shrimp Pasta Salad – There is already garlic and lemon in this cold pasta salad, so adding leftover shrimp scampi instead of plain shrimp will probably just complement what’s already there.
  4. Shrimp and Potato Croquettes – You’re already halfway done with this recipe because the shrimp is already cooked. Cooked shrimp goes in the food processor with mashed potatoes and cheese to create a filling for croquettes. *Although all the recipe ideas are good, I think this is the recipe I’ll be giving a shot.
  5. Shrimp and Wasabi Deviled Eggs – Finely minced cook shrimp go into these gourmet deviled eggs. If wasabi isn’t your thing, you can substitute Dijon mustard.
Do you have any ideas for using up leftover shrimp scampi?

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5 uses for leftover shrimp scampi
You're sure to find a recipe out of these choices that you want to make with your leftover shrimp before it goes bad.