Lately, we've been avoiding turning on the oven whenever possible. For those of you, like us, don’t have central air conditioning, you know why. Once that oven is on during the summer, your kitchen just becomes a much bigger oven.

That can translate into a lot less home cooking, but there are some lovely treats you can make without turning on your oven!

chocolate no bake cookie Not all cookies have to baked if the right ingredients are used. (Photo: Mark McElroy/Shutterstock)

No-bake cookies

One of the first recipes that come to mind are no-bake cookies. These classic cookies are usually centered on raw oats and peanut butter and are surprisingly good. This version uses honey and banana for sweetener. Rather not have uncooked grains? Try out this version using nuts and coconut flakes instead, or make my simple grain-free version of No-Bake Chocolate Macaroons here (shown above).

No-bake protein balls

Similarly to no-bake cookies are no-bake balls. Decadent and sweet, they are a great little snack or dessert, and are easily made with a whirl of your food processor. To get your mouth watering, try out these Healthy No-Bake Brownie Bites, or these Toasted Nut “Larabar” Balls (shown in top photo).

Strawberry Banana Popsicle You can use any combination of fruit you enjoy when making popsicle. (Photo: etitarenko/Shutterstock)


And let’s not overlook the obvious! Popsicles are essential summer eating in our opinion. Get 18 delicious options for homemade popsicles here. They are fun for both the children and the adults.

coffee-ice-cream This homemade ice cream was made without an ice cream maker, and it's delicious. (Photo: Robin Shreeves

Homemade ice cream

My beloved ice cream maker gets used year round, but it is especially nice to have around during the summer. Plus, you can easily make your own allergy-friendly ice creams. I share some of my favorite coconut milk-based ice creams here — no oven required. After all, there's nothing better than a bowl of ice cream!

Chilled gelatin desserts

Did you know that you can make homemade healthy versions of Jello? Homemade gelatins are refreshing and easy to make. For example, check out my Orange Lemonade Gelatin, or this simple Fruit Juice Gelatin. To make a vegan version, follow the instructions here.

No bake mini fruit pizzas

I thought this recipe sounded so good that it deserved its own category. Fruit pizzas are always a win, and this recipe requires no baking! That’s a double win during the hot summer months. Yum!


And let’s not forget smoothies. They are the perfect way to cool down and get hydrated on a hot afternoon. Here are five smoothie recipes specifically developed for summer produce.


7 healthy no-bake treats to enjoy on a hot day
Who wants to turn on the stove on a hot day? These ideas will keep your kitchen cool and provide a lovely sweet treat.