In my last post, I shared how to shell fava beans with step-by-step photos. Now I want to share a couple of recipes using those delicious fava beans. Yesterday at our local farmers market, there was a heaping basket full of fava beans, bright green and as fresh as can be. Looking for new inspiration on how to use these lovely beans, I found the following recipes. The only question is which recipe to try first! 


1. Fava Bean and Avocado Bruschetta with Herbs: I like the idea of combining the sweet yet meaty fava bean with avocado (smooth like the bean, but rich).


2. Fettuccine with Fresh Fava Beans and Pancetta: This recipe combines fava beans with rich ingredients, like salty bacon and cream, plus other flavorful ingredients, like bitter greens and garlic. It sounds heavenly. 


3. Fava Bean Pasta e Fagioli: For something a little lighter and heavier in the vegetable kingdom, why not combine fava beans with pasta and vegetables in a soup? 


4. Sauté of Fresh Fava Beans, Onions, and Fennel: This recipe combines the strong flavors of onions and fennel with the mild fava beans (plus a little pancetta). 


5. Fava Bean Soup: This soup is pureed, making a creamy, fava bean-centered soup. 


6. Fava Bean and Asparagus over Polenta: A gentle dish perfect for a light lunch. 


7. Shrimp, Fava Bean, and Asparagus Salad: For a warm spring meal, put fava beans in a salad for a refreshing treat. 


Do you have any favorite ways to serve fava beans? I'd love to hear! 

7 recipes featuring fresh fava beans
Don't miss the fava bean season! Here are some delicious recipes to help you enjoy them.