I have half a leftover meatloaf in my refrigerator. Meatloaf is one of those dishes that my family will only eat a second time if there is leftover gravy, too. We have no leftover gravy, and I don’t want the food or the money I spent on it to go to waste. It’s time to figure out what else to do with it.


I know a lot of people make meatloaf sandwiches simply by slicing it up and putting it on bread with ketchup, but I went looking for some other ideas to turn our leftover meatloaf into a completely different dish. Here are some that look promising.


  1. Meatloaf Patty Melt Panini – Caramelized onions and Swiss cheese join leftover meatloaf in a grilled sandwich on rye. I think my husband will approve of this idea.
  2. Use it for nachos as an appetizer/after school munchie the following day. Just add some seasoning if you like, put over your favorite chips, top with cheese and stick it in the oven. You can add beans for something more filling, and serve with salsa or guac and sour cream. I think my kids will approve of this idea. (via taryn on Chowhound)
  3. Make shepherd's pie out of the leftovers, but with a twist: Slice the leftover meatloaf into thin slices and layer in the casserole, cover with the leftover gravy, then the leftover mashed potatoes, then cheddar cheese. Assemble during clean up on the meatloaf night. Then just pop in the oven the next night. Corn or other veggie on the side. (via happybellynh on Chowhound)
  4. Use it in a pasta casserole like in this Meatloaf Baked Ziti recipe.
  5. Bread and fry it to make Leftover Meatloaf Parmesan.
  6. Slice leftover meatloaf a half-inch thick and then those slices in half-inch slices ... so it makes like match sticks. Roll up in corn tortillas and fry ... yummy rolled meatloaf tacos! Serve with sour cream, salsa, etc. (via charmbaby on Taste of Home)
  7. Throw it in soup with some fresh vegetables and barley in this Leftover Meatloaf Soup.

Do you have any other ideas for leftover meatloaf that transforms it into something new?


Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

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