My dad and husband will be watching the Super Bowl with friends this Sunday. While I will not be watching much of the game myself, I like to make a couple of healthier snacks for them to share. With that in mind, I've been collecting healthier dip recipes. Since I've found such beautiful ones, I had to share them with you, too. One survey found that 42 percent of those planning on watching the Super Bowl said that healthier snack options were a must. If you are part of the 42 percent, here you go. If you don't care about food being healthy, but just want it to taste good, this will work for you, too!

Please note that the quality of ingredients you use is everything. For example, using organic sour cream with no preservatives is going to be a lot better for you than some cheap-o version. A couple of the recipes call for mayonnaise. Almost all store-bought mayonnaise use oils that I prefer to skip. Make your own using this recipe using a really mild olive oil, or Mary's Oil Blend. You can also consider buying a olive oil, sunflower oil or grapeseed oil mayonnaise.

I have not specifically tried to make all of these recipes "low-fat" because, as a traditional cook, I think that fat can be quite healthy — if it's the right type of fat and part of a well-balanced diet. The fat content in some of these recipes is why they taste oh-so-good, even without the artificial flavors and MSG of many store-bought dips. But even the lower fat dips on this list sound delicious!

1. Black Bean Dip: This dip uses just a couple of ingredients and is perfect for those in a hurry. I can even buy BPA-free canned beans at my local health food store, which makes me feel a lot better about using store-bought canned beans in this recipe.

2. Blue Cheese Dip: For a richer option, this recipe sounds amazing. If you are a blue cheese lover, this recipe is for you. I suggest using high-quality sour cream, blue cheese and mayonnaise. It will not only be healthier, but taste that much better.

3. Extra-Green Green Goddess Dip: Watercress is incredibly good for you, but it's added to this dip for the extra tang it gives Green Goddess Dip. I'll take both the boost in flavor and the health benefits!

4. Black Bean and Pineapple Salsa: This is one of my own recipes. I love fruit in salsas as they add such a nice sweet contrast to the spiciness of the hot peppers. Another one of my recipes is Simple Guacamole.

5. Spiced Yogurt Dip: If you and your friends are lovers of Greek foods, this just may be the dip for you! Highly spiced, this flavorful dip can be served with red pepper strips and pita chips.

6. Orange and Avocado Salsa: Fruit is combined with lovely avocado for this salsa.

7. Leek Dip:Martha Stewart combines sour cream and goat cheese with slowly sautéed leeks. Once again, the quality of the ingredients you use will make a big difference in both flavor and the "healthy" factor, but either way, this sounds like quite the dip!

8. Caramelized Onion Dip: If you love onion dip, but don't love eating foods made out of packets, here is a recipe that uses dehydrated onions plus slow-cooked onions to pack a punch of flavor without the packet.

Finally, since many of these call for chips, I recommend buying organic chips (to avoid genetically modified corn) made without canola oil (we love Trader Joe's blue chips). If you are really ambitious, you can make your own! I am able to find GMO-free, organic corn tortillas at the store easily, and then I just use a traditional fat/oil for a healthier version of a favorite snack food.

If you have any healthy dip recipes, I'd love to hear from you!

8 delicious and healthy dips (just in time for the Super Bowl)
Don't settle for store-bought dips when you can make your own, healthier versions at home. The following recipes make delicious Super Bowl fare as well as a gre