When I saw this segment on “Good Morning America” yesterday, I knew I wanted to share it. Alton Brown created Thai Iced Tea Pops using brewed tea, spices and sweetened condensed milk. In the video, he uses a popsicle maker from Thailand, the type that’s used on the street to freeze popsicles quickly. You don’t have to have one to make these. The recipe on the site scales down the ingredients to make eight servings using popsicle molds that you put in the freezer.

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Get Alton Brown’s Thai Iced Tea Pops recipe on the GMA site. If you’re concerned about the sweetened condensed milk, there are organic brands available, or you could try making homemade sweetened condensed milk.

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Alton Brown's Thai Iced Tea Pops
Beat the heat with this recipe for creamy, spicy, grown-up-tasting popsicles made with your favorite black tea.