I am in a very busy season of life with cooking and writing as I work on a second cookbook. The finish line is in sight. However, this ironic thing happens when I am working on a cookbook: some days I literally make food all day long, and we can hardly eat it all before it goes bad. Other days, I end up writing most of the day and don't end up making dinner.


We just aren't that into typical fast-food joints, and besides that we have a gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free daughter. To get a healthy meal for not much money that my daughter can eat is quite a victory.


We found that victory at a little restaurant down the street. One of the dishes we have bought over and over again is bibimbap. With a name that fun, how could you not like it? This Korean dish is a beautiful mix of rice, a wide variety of sautéed and seasoned vegetables, and your choice of meat or egg, all served with a spicy red sauce.


During the hot weather, it has been that perfect mix of hearty and refreshing. It is hearty with the rice and protein, but it is also refreshing because it has so many vegetables in it.


Apparently, we are not the only ones who love it, because when CNN.com polled readers about their favorite food, it made the top 50.


It really is good. So good that as soon as I am done with my book (within days now), I am going to start experimenting with recipes so that I can make it at home. I only wish it fit within the topic of my cookbook so I could start experimenting now! But as I've started researching recipes, I found some delicious ones. If you'd like to make your own too, I invite you to take a look at these links:


1. Bibimbap from Maagnchi


2. Bibimbap from the Food Network


3. Beef, Winter Squash, Spinach and Cucumber Bibimbap from the New York Times


4. Bibimbap with Tuna, Kale and Lettuce from the New York Times


5. Vegetable Bibimbap from Martha Stewart


6. Vegetarian Bibimbap from Saveur


Bibimbap: A Korean dish perfect for summer
When you want something hearty but refreshing, bibimbap is perfect. It makes a delicious dinner on a hot day.