Last night I spend more than two hours making a soup from one of my cookbooks. It was different than anything I’d ever made before. The base was chickpeas cooked in vegetable stock with onions and garlic. That got pureed before adding grains and sauteed mushrooms.

The soup sounded intriguing when I read the recipe, but the end result was much less than intriguing. It was blah with a texture that was not pleasing to my palate. It looked good, though.

When I make a new recipe, I usually cut it in half for this exact reason. I didn’t cut this recipe in half. I had a cup and a half of dry chickpeas that I wanted to use up, and this recipe called for that specific amount. Now I’m left with a huge pot of soup that I’m not crazy about.

It’s not awful. If it were awful, I would probably cut my losses and chuck it even though I don’t like to waste food. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I make something that tastes so bad, I know it will never get eaten. That’s not the case with this soup. I suspect it can be saved.

I’m wondering what I can do to add some flavor to it and try to save it, and I’m asking for your help.

Here are the basics of what went into this soup: onion, garlic and rosemary were sauteed in olive oil. Cooked chickpeas and the cooking water, vegetable stock, farro and mushrooms sauteed in olive oil and butter are also in the soup. Those are the flavors, along with salt and pepper, that we’re working with here.

My thought is that I can fish all the mushrooms out and re-puree that soup in my food processor. I originally pureed it with a stick blender. I think the food processor will make it smoother, helping to fix the unappealing texture. Then I want to make additions to give it more flavor. Finally, I want to add the mushrooms back in.

I’m looking for suggestions on what to add. Heavy cream? Sherry? Better than Bouillon Chicken Base? Spices and herbs?

Please leave your suggestions in the comments. Perhaps you have an idea that I would never think of. I would really like to try to save this soup!

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Can this soup be saved?
The recipe looked great, but the end result was blah. Instead of trashing the soup, maybe it can be made better.