While vampires have been busy stealing the hearts of young teenage girls, zombies have slowly (with one foot dragging) infiltrated nearly every other aspect of American culture. There's a zombie 5K race, a zombie burger joint, a hit zombie television series, a huge Hollywood blockbuster zombie flick with Brad Pitt, and even an undead-themed emergency preparedness "how to" from the Center for Disease Control. 

So in many ways, it makes sense that there would also be a zombie themed cooking show. 

Set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic invasion of the undead, "The Vegan Zombie" offers delicious recipes coupled with survival tips. The show's creator, who remains nameless, says he started the whole thing from a love of horror films and veganism. "After much thought of how I could create something fun and interesting that appeals to me and hopefully others, I came up with ‘The Vegan Zombie’," he says. "TVZ is a project in the making that will attempt to put a vegan twist in the horror genre."

Webisodes, besides some gory zombie-killing action, include step-by-step guides on how to cook such vegan dishes as Daiya Cheese Sticks, Stuffing and Acorn Squash, French Toast, and more. 

There's even a full movie in the works, with a plot line that features vegans as the only humans not susceptible to the zombie virus. Hmmm...now where have I heard of something similar

Check out an episode from "The Vegan Zombie" below - and be sure to hit the official site for more mouth-watering recipes

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Cooking with 'The Vegan Zombie'
Vegan chef takes his love of horror films and delicious plant-based recipes and combines them into one unique cooking series.