A big part of celebrating Easter is gathering around the table with family and friends and enjoying a scrumptious Easter brunch or a formal Easter dinner. If you’re hosting this year or offering to bring a dish as a guest, here’s a roundup of recipe ideas, along with a few ideas to make sure that leftovers don’t go to waste in the days after the holiday.

  • Easter Chocolate Nut Butter Eggs – Almond butter is used in the filling of these chocolate-coated eggs, but you could certainly substitute peanut butter. They’re better than conventional store-bought eggs and a lot less expensive than buying pre-made organic ones.
  • Simple and healthy Easter brunch menu – MNN’s Kimi Harris has created a yummy and healthy menu complete with a schedule so you can time everything perfectly.
  • Easter recipes to dress up your menu – If you’re looking for something new and different to add to your traditional brunch or dinner menu, we’ve got a few ideas to add a little variety to your Easter menu, including recipes from other cultures and perked-up potato salads.
  • Natural food dyes for Easter – Whether your dying Easter eggs or creating pastel frosting for cupcakes, you’ll want to use natural, instead of chemical, dyes for your foods.
  • 7 ideas for leftover Easter candy – From Peep Waldorf salad to using the body of the bunnies whose heads have been bitten off to make fondue, here are some creative ways to make sure candy doesn’t get wasted, including giving some of it away.
  • 7 recipes for leftover Easter eggs – If your hardboiled dyed eggs have been kept safely in the refrigerator, Easter Sunday’s decorations can be Easter Monday’s lunch or dinner with these ideas.
  • Seasonal recipes: 5 for Easter leftovers – Don’t let the leftover asparagus and ham from Easter dinner go to waste. Use them, and other Easter leftovers, in one of these recipes that will turn your leftovers into creative dishes.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Easter recipe roundup
Dig into MNN's archive of recipes and leftover ideas to help with your last-minute Easter preparations.