In the past, I’ve pointed you to recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers. Sometimes, you don’t need detailed instructions for leftovers, though. You just need some ideas, some inspiration. So I asked my Facebook friends for a little of just that. I bribed them for their ideas with the promise of a mention of their name and/or a link to their blog. They came through with some great ideas.


By far, the most popular idea for Thanksgiving leftovers it the leftover sandwich, but not everyone makes them the same way. We do the traditional white bread toasted, mayo, turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwich, but there are variations. Try one of these Thanksgiving leftover sandwich combos.


  • We make our own "bobbys." Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce all on a roll. Mayo optional. (from Danielle)
  • A wrap with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. (from Cheri)
  • Put leftover turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce and your favorite bbq sauce in a crockpot for a few hours, throw it on a crusty roll! Maybe add some stuffing or mashed potatoes on the roll if you're feeling really indulgent (from Allie the All I Eat Food blog)

If you already have your own version of the Thanksgiving leftover sandwich, perhaps you’ll want to try one of these other ideas.


  • Put the turkey, gravy and leftover veggies in a baking dish and put the mash potatoes on top and bake it. You can make it with dressing/stuffing on top, too. I've done it with individual ramekins, too. The kids really like that because everyone gets their own special "pie." (from Nicole)
  • Save all your veggie scraps from preparing T-day dinner and freeze them. Then use 'em to make stock. It's a great base for leftover turkey soup. Of course, I have to recommend our scrap collector for convenient scrap storage. (from Val of More Hip than Hippie fame and also the owner of the Greenfeet store, a fabulous site for finding eco-friendly holiday gifts for everyone your list)
  • Fried mashed potato cakes, turkey enchiladas with cranberry chipotle sauce (just mix some enchilada sauce with chipotle and cranberry sauce), paninis with turkey salad (chopped turkey, nuts, cranberries, and whatever else you have with a little mayo and cheese then grill on panini maker) (from Lisa of the Snappy Gourmet blog)
    [Robin’s note: You have to check out Lisa’s Pumpkin Cheesecaketini cocktail recipe for sipping while you enjoy all your leftovers!]
  • I love fried mashed potatoes with fried eggs the next morning. I also make a soup using just about everything. Use some chicken stock and add all the veggies, some turkey, even the mashed potatoes and stuffing will help to thicken up the soup. You could make wild rice and add turkey and some veggies too. (from Chris)

After all these ideas, there’s no reason any of your leftovers should go to waste. Do you have any inspiration to add?

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Easy ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers
Sometimes you don't need a complicated recipe, you just need a little inspiration.