We go through a lot of pierogi (or pierogies as some call them) in my house. It’s one of the processed foods that I buy because my kids really like them and can easily prepare them independently. My oldest likes to take cheese pierogi, coat them in olive oil, Tabasco and chili powder and bake them in the oven.

Polska Foods sent me samples of their organic, vegetarian pierogi options, and I wondered how they would compare with the version I usually buy. The California company uses local, organic farmers to source ingredients for their five types of pierogi.

We tried the Potato Cheese Pierogi made with organic dough filled with fresh organic potato, hand-crafted farmer’s cheese, organic caramelized onions, organic millet, and fresh herbs. These were very different than the dense, boxed pierogies that I usually buy. The boys said they were good, but they didn’t think they were anything like what they were used to.

They’re right. I’ve had homemade Polish pierogies before, and the ones I’ve been buying have been more like potato filled ravioli than the real deal. The Polksa Foods Pierogi is from a Polish family recipe and is much more representative of the ones that my Polish relatives make.

We also tried the Mushroom Cabbage Pierogi. This vegan version was delicious. It was so flavorful and the cabbage had a lovely bite. These pierogi would make a wonderful Meatless Monday main dish.

If you’re used to the traditional processed pierogi from the frozen section of your grocery store, the Polska Foods version will be something different, but something that tastes good and is made from much better ingredients.

  • Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth
  • No preservatives, No GMO, No MSG
  • Absolutely Nothing artificial
  • No added sugar in any product ~ and no sugar substitutes either
  • Organic or expeller-pressed oils only, no trans fats
  • Vegan & Vegetarian Flavors
  • Use hand-carfted, award winning farmer's cheese (rBST-free milk & Kosher)
  • Made with ancient grains such as millet and buckwheat
  • Whole wheat pierogi flavors available
Polksa Foods has several recipes for pierogi toppings on their website and other recipes that use their pierogi. Of course, you can always just fry them up and serve as is.

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Easy sidedish: Polska Foods organic Pierogi
These certified organic frozen pierogi are made from an authentic Polish recipe and come much closer to homemade than many other brands.