Sesame Street is already using the power of Elmo to get kids to eat healthier. It allows the Produce Marketing Association to use images free of charge of Elmo and other Sesame Street Muppets on foods in the produce aisle. Now it has published a cookbook with 50 healthy recipes for kids to make with adult supervision.

Elmo went on "The Tonight Show" recently to promote "Sesame Street Let’s Cook." He helped Jimmy Fallon and his guests Jason Schwartzman and Questlove cook Waffle Grilled Cheese and Sloppy Oscars (a version of Sloppy Joes).

I believe in empowering kids to cook at a very early age and teaching them use kitchen tools as soon as they're ready for it. I often get asked what ages my boys were when I let them do things like use a chef’s knife or cook on the stove without my supervision.

Sesame Street Let's Cook cookbookMy answer is always the same. I let my kids do those things when I though they were ready for them. There is no specific age where a child magically gains the coordination and maturity to handle a sharp knife or to remember to turn the stove off after using it. You have to know your child’s abilities and give lots of instruction and supervision when they first start doing these things on their own.

I believe that most kids are ready for those things at a younger age than many cooking-with-kids books and websites suggest. When my boys were younger, I grew very frustrated with kids’ cookbooks that were recipes for salads, sandwiches, smoothies and veggies and dips only. There was no cooking involved — I assume for fear of getting a child near a flame or hot stove.

That’s why I’m pleased that “Sesame Street Let’s Cook” has many recipes that require actual cooking. The cookbook is geared for kids ages 2 to 5 and emphasizes that adult supervision is always required. Each recipe has at least two steps that young children can safely and easily accomplish. There is a helpful Elmo symbol next to those steps in each recipe. Of course, a parent or caregiver who knows a child’s abilities can allow the child to do more if he or she has the skills.

If my boys were younger, I’d buy “Sesame Street Let’s Cook” to inspire them. They’re a bit old to be swayed by Elmo now, but the New York Times has printed the recipe for Elmo’s Mac 'N' Cheese 'N' Bits, and it looks like something my teens would like. I’ll be getting at least one of my boys in the kitchen with me soon to help make them. 

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Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Elmo and friends work magic to get little kids cooking
Elmo went on ‘The Tonight Show’ to promote ‘Sesame Street Let’s Cook,’ a cookbook for parents and children ages 2 to 5.