Sitting on my friends’ deck on Sunday, I noticed that the huge sunflowers growing by the fence were just about done for the season. My next food preservation project is going to be pilfering my friend’s dead sunflowers and playing with the seeds. (I can't let all that fiber and protein go to waste.)


Sunflower seeds are easy to harvest. Once the sunflower is dead, the seeds easily pull out. You can see Mike from lifelife365 easily harvest sunflower seeds in this video.



Once the sunflower seeds are harvested, you can save some of them to grow more sunflowers next year, and you can roast the rest in the oven like the video demonstrated. Once sunflower seeds are completely dry, they will keep for a very long time in the appropriate container.


You can, of course, eat the roasted sunflower seeds as is — they’re a healthy, nutritious snack. Or, you can use the seeds in other recipes. Here are a few:



Do you have experience with harvesting and roasting sunflower seeds? What do you do with them?

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Harvesting and cooking with sunflower seeds
Are the sunflowers in your yard done for the season? Harvest the seeds and use them for healthy snacks and additions to meals.