If a Kindle could burst from containing too many eBooks, my eReader just may be about to explode. I download many free and deeply discounted digital cookbooks and many other books, too. Most of these books, I download directly from Amazon’s website, but there’s a new source for free digital cookbooks I've started to use, Noisetrade.

Noisetrade began as a music downloading website and has recently added eBooks. All of the digital downloads on the site are legal and are there with the artist’s or author’s permission. While any of the downloads are completely free, there is always an option to leave a tip to help support the musicians and writers who offer their creative works on the site.

The digital cookbook selection of Noisetrade is growing slowly, and at the moment it contains seven cookbooks. Here are the ones that have ended up on my Kindle for summer cooking.

  • "Let Them Eat Pie: 10 Perfect Recipes" by Teeny Lamothe – There are basics like apple, sour cherry, and blueberry, but the recipe I can’t wait to make from this cookbook is Orange Cream Pie, a pie that tastes like a creamsicle. (Suggested Tip: $1)
  • "Ben & Jerry’s Homemade 10 Classic Flavors" by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield – Make your own Ben & Jerry’s? Yep. It will be a fun summer experiment to see if it’s worth making your own or it’s just a smarter idea to buy it already made. (Suggested Tip: $1)
  • "Raichlen’s Burgers: 25 of the World’s Best Burgers, Condiments and Sides" by Steven Raichlen – The host of PBS’s “Primal Grill” offers recipes and tips for mastering the burger. (Suggested Tip: $3)
When you want to download a digitial cookbook from Noisetrade, you have to enter your email and zip code. You’ll be sent an email with a link that will then take you back to the site. You have the option of downloading books in the correct format for Kindle or the correct format for iBooks and Nook. Throughout the process, you’ll have several opportunities to leave a tip.

It’s best to read the Getting eBooks on Your eReader instructions before you go through the process. It’s not difficult, but there are specific steps you need to take to get the books to download directly to your Kindle or other eReader instead of downloading on to your computer. If you don't have an eReader, you can still download digital books directly on to your computer and read them from there.

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Have you discovered Noisetrade for free digital cookbooks yet?
What started out as a free, legal music website (with optional tipping), has added free downloadable books to its offerings, including cookbooks.