If you are only going to make cookies once a year, Christmas is definitely the right time. What would Christmas be without a little cookie cheer? Certainly not as sweet. Below are some of my favorite cookie recipes. Several use sprouted flour, and others are grain as well as gluten-free, and all are made with natural sweeteners. You can substitute nonbleached white flour for the sprouted flour, if desired. Enjoy!


Gingerbread Men (pictured above) is definitely a holiday cookie favorite. These delicious cookies are made with sprouted flour and sweetened with molasses and whole cane sugar (or sugar of choice).



Also made out of sprouted flour these shortbread cookies are perfect. Buttery, slightly sweet, and a bit crumbly. Everything I ask for in a shortbread cookie.



Sweet almond cookies are completely dairy free as they use coconut oil.  The base is actually just ground almonds (done in a food processor) so they are a grain and gluten-free cookie!



These tasty Spiced Macaroons remind me of gingerbread and my husband of oatmeal cookies. They are perfect for this time of year. I think that they would make a great substitute for a gluten-free, or grain-free dieter who wants to have “oatmeal” cookies. Spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, and sweetened with evaporated palm (coconut) sugar or rapadura, which has a molasses-like flavor, these cookies are perfect for this time of year.



Gingersnaps, (sweetened with coconut sugar or rapadura) with warming spices and laced with molasses, served with a nice glass of milk, just about puts me into a holiday cookie seventh heaven. These cookies are dark with the flavor of molasses and spice.


Flourless Nut Butter cookies are simply a snap to throw together and so yummy too! The base is nut butter, and then you add just one egg, a sweetener and some vanilla.  This is another great gluten and grain-free cookie that everyone can enjoy. In the original recipe I added cocoa nibs. At my daughter's recent piano recital, I brought a batch of these with chocolate chips added. 


Those are a few of my favorite recipes. I'd love to hear what yours are!

Healthier Christmas Cookie Recipes
What better time of year for cookies? I share several of my favorite cookie recipes that are not only delicious, but healthier too.