If the outcome of next month’s presidential election could be decided on foodie-cred alone, President Obama would be the hands-down winner. The president, with great assistance from first lady Michelle Obama, has put a sustainable garden on the lawn of the White House. Although the Obamas main diet consists of healthy, whole foods, they are also known to enjoy the occasional cheeseburger. They have their own beer, White House Honey Ale, which is brewed at the White House using honey from the bees that also help to pollinate their sustainable garden. Mitt Romney doesn’t drink beer, or any alcohol, because his Mormon faith discourages it.


And now, a final blow has been dealt in the which-presidential-candidate-has-the-better-foodie-credentials contest. Michelle Obama has beat Ann Romney in the Family Circle 2012 First Lady Cookie Contest.


Mrs. Obama’s White and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies won over Mrs. Romney’s M&M's Cookies. About 9,000 people voted, supposedly after baking both types of cookies at home to taste test them, and the first lady’s won by 297 votes.


As much as I love homemade cookies, and as much as my mind is probably already made up about this presidential election, I think I’ll still watch the debates tonight. I’d love to be able to make my decision based on beer and cookies — that would make life a lot easier. But, I need to make up my mind based on actually being informed about the candidates and their positions. Maybe I can eat some homemade cookies while watching the debates. That works.


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Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Michelle Obama's cookies are tastier than Ann Romney's
Forget tonight’s presidential debate. The important question — which candidate's wife makes the best-tasting homemade cookie — has already been answered.