There is absolutely no way anyone who enjoys food or cooking can watch the beginning of the “French Tarts, Apple Style” episode of “The French Chef” and not get a huge smile on their face when they hear Julia say, “Here is a French tart, fully dressed in a glittering diadem of apple slices.” Seriously, I dare you to start the video below and not crack a grin.

If a modern day television cook described a dish in that flowery language, food writers and bloggers would skewer the cook, but this is Julia Child. We love to hear her talk like that.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Julia Child’s “The French Chef” television series, which  debuted on public television in 1963, PBS has released three original episodes online to celebrate “Julia Child’s lasting legacy for over 50 years.”

Watch French Tarts, Apple Style on PBS. See more from The French Chef.

In addition to the “French Tarts, Apple Style” episode, PBS also has resurfaced online episodes that feature Quiche Lorraine and French Onion Soup. These three classic French cooking episodes each run about 26 minutes and contain “occasional audio and video imperfections inherent in the original master tapes.” But, who cares about a few audio and video blips? This is Julia Child and her “glittering diadem of apple slices.” We’ll take what we can get. 

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PBS dusts off 'The French Chef' episodes
In honor of the 50th anniversary of the debut of Julia Child’s ‘The French Chef,’ PBS brings 3 black-and-white episodes out of the vault.